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Who We Are

We are the North Dakota State University Collegiate Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. otherwise known as Bison Motorsports.
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SAE International

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International is an international organization that offers a plethora of services. SAE works to develop engineering standards, provide informational seminars and creates a network between engineers from around the world. On top of that, SAE is the main proponent of the Collegiate Design Series (CDS). CDS is comprised of various competitions such as Aero Design, Baja, Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Formula, Formula Electric and Supermileage.

NDSU Chapter

Here at North Dakota State University, our chapter is known as Bison Motorsports. We focus on the Baja, Clean Snowmobile and Formula competitions. New for this year, we are developing a vehicle for the Formula Electric competition. Our desire is to design, build and compete to the best of our abilities in route to proudly representing our school at these renown international competitions. Check the other tabs or the links below to learn more!

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Contact Info



Jonah Goetze

Electrical Engineering Student

Email: jonah.goetze@ndus.edu


Vice President

Megan Chromy

Manufacturing Engineering Student

Email: megan.chromy@ndsu.edu


Blake Higgins

Mechanical Engineering Student

Email: blake.higgins@ndsu.edu



Caleb Wing

Mechanical Engineering Student

Email: caleb.wing@ndsu.edu

Shop Manager

Lane Kjeldergaard

Mechanical Engineering Student

Email: lane.kjeldergaard@ndsu.edu

Shop Manager

Keegan Haus

Mechanical Engineering Student

Email: keegan.haus@ndsu.edu

Sponsorship Coordinator

Daniel Wanner

Electrical Engineering Student

Email: daniel.j.wanner@ndsu.edu

Sponsorship Coordinator

Aaron Weyer

Electrical Engineering Student

Email: aaron.weyer@ndsu.edu

Public Relations

Eric Schmieg

Computer Engineering Student

Email: eric.schmieg@ndsu.edu