NDSU's Baja SAE team is a group of students that design, manufacture and race a single-seat off-road vehicle against teams from around the world.
The team designs every aspect of the vehicle utilizing skills learned in the classroom. Once the designs are proven correct, the manufacturing phase then takes place. Upon completion of the build, the team eneters the testing period before packing up for competition against hundreds of other teams. This allows Bison Motorsports to truly see how we stack up to other universities.
If you want the best possible experience for developing yourself as a person and professional, let us know and send us an email!
For more information on the competition please visit the Baja SAE Design Series.
Overall: 60th
Cost: 69th
Hill Climb: 20th
Acceleration: 67th
Sales: 68th
Design: 79th
Endurance: 52nd
Suspension: 42th
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