SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

For the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, students are tasked to modify and redesign an existing snowmobile to reduce emissions and noise. The modified snowmobile will compete against 20+ teams in a variety of events including emissions, noise, fuel economy/endurance, acceleration, pulling, static display, cold start, and design.

The NDSU team participates in the Compression Ignited class with a 2018 Polaris Titan and introduced a Smart Car 0.8L turbo diesel in place of the inefficient 800 liberty 2 stroke. The added 'challenge' of the diesel effects all of the systems of the snowmobile, but yields higher fuel economy potential. Swipe through the photos to see the progress on our ridiculous build!
2021 COMPETITION - Virtual
Finished 2nd CI Class, 4th overall

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We are pleased to announce we have spons