Formula SAE Electric

Formula SAE Electric is a student design competition put forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers. There is one competition in the United States hosted in Lincoln, NE. The competition is composed of both static and dynamic events. The static events include the Design Event (150 points), the Cost & Manufacturing Analysis Event (100 points), and the Presentation Event (75 points). The dynamic events include the Acceleration Event (75 points), the Skidpad Event (50 points), the Autocross Event (150 points), the Fuel Economy Event (100 points), and the Endurance Event (300 points), totaling at 1000 possible points.
The rules are very flexible, allowing a great deal of design and engineering creativity. The rules are in place to ensure a standard of safety is maintained and that the engines are similar enough to keep a level playing field. After that, chassis, suspension, steering, and drive line are all up for innovation.
For more information on the competition please visit the Formula SAE Design Series.